Sunday, January 15, 2017

Nifty trend diside by this level for coming days

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nifty Future trend October 1st week

I consider the 5954 to 5842 will be the consolidation band during  the coming week any break out below 5840 may drag to 5586 level any cross over above  5954 may accelerate to 6039 to 6127 level.

 With the view of above analysis I will advise the buy in future at 5900 level, sell 6000 ce at 115 and buy 5500 pe 5 lots below 50. Max loss I can expect Rs4000 if consolidate for one week as per the consolidation band given above. Any down side break out below 5840 I will get profit around 6000. Any upside break out above 6039 I will close the strategy with loss one week estimated loss will be around 4700.
Wish you happy trading

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nifty future trend levels for the week starting from 2nd September

Dear Friends!
       For the 2nd September 2013 nifty future trend 
Cycle one – up trend 5516-5571-5627, down trend 5408-5354-5301
Cycle two – up trend 5683-5740-5797, down trend 5571-5516-5462
Cycle three - up trend 5854-5913-5972, down trend 5740-5683-5627
This projection is done with nifty closing of 5462, as long as it holds above 5354 trader may buy with maximum target of 5972. Fall below 5354 will bring it down to 5145 level in coming week.
This projection is valid for one week starting from 2nd September 2013.